Oak City Study Hall

Oak City Study Hall 

1520 Glenwood Avenue 200A, Raleigh NC 27608

Interested in help with Online Schooling next year?

For children ages 6+

We are currently assessing the interest of starting a new program in the Raleigh area to assist families cope with virtual classrooms. The study hall will provide a quiet, clean, and safe environment to complete their assignments.

Newton's first law of motion teaches us that “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” The goals of this community program are geared to help keep kids stay in motion by:

Facilitating a routine of getting up and going “to school”.

• Provide a dedicated location for children to complete their online classes.

*Building students’ executive function skills; organization, time management, initiation

• Provide a monitor to help support the student and help keep them on track.

• Allows parents to focus on their own work.

Following social distancing guidelines, small groups of students will work at dedicated desks 6 feet apart using their own computers. Break areas will also follow social distancing rules. The program is designed to allow for some social engagement with COVID restrictions. Print outs of completed work will be provided at the end of each session and sent home with the child.

Sessions: 10 children per session

Morning 8:00-12:00 Or Afternoon 1:00-5:00


2-day program: $60 per day = $120 per week (4 week minimum).

3-day program: $50 per day = $150 per week (4 week minimum).

5-day program: $40 per day = $200 per week (4 week minimum).

This location has over 2500 square feet and 10+ work rooms to create a safe, and quite work environment for anyone including children.

Interest level will be determined by October 15, 2020 registration/deposit of $100 (full refund of deposit will be made if the Study Hall doesn't open). The deposit will be placed towards student tuition. Full payment of the 4 weeks will be due when the Study Hall opens.  

Please contact Tracy Barnes email directly at tbarnes@ccst.coach with questions reserve a workspace.

** Disclaimer: This program is for independent students who require minimal to no assistance with learning. Support is not available to meet all needs of a 504 plan or an IEP. Students with 504 plans and/or IEPs should discuss the child’s level of need before signing up for the program. This is to ensure that each and every child will be an effective learning environment. There will be strict policies in place regarding following COVID 19 procedures, behavioral expectations, and work expectations. Needed breaks and use of reinforcing activities can be individualized but must be discussed and agreed upon prior to registration.


Capitol City Speech Therapy is slowly resuming in-person services at this time. Your therapist will contact you specifically regarding scheduling. Please see the attached document regarding our updated policies an procedures regarding in-person services during the Covid-19 emergency. Teletherapy will continue to be offered as an option for services as well. If you have questions, please call 919-577-6807 (but note our office hours are modified) or contact us by e-mail at inquiries@ccst.coach. 

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