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Robin Schlemovitz

Speech-Language Pathologist

Robin obtained a Bachelor's degree in both speech-language pathology and audiology (Syracuse University, NY) and a Master's degree in speech-language pathology (Rutgers University NJ).  She attends many continuing education seminars each year to keep her skills current. Robin is certified in North Carolina and is a member of the national board in speech, the American Speech, Hearing, and Language Association.

Robin has over 20 years of experience specializing in speech and language evaluations and therapy for children. She has worked with young children and their families, across a wide variety of populations and disorders. Robin specializes in autism, delayed speech and language, articulation and phonological disorders, apraxia, cleft palate, and Down Syndrome. 
She  has experience in teaching social language for children who have autism, PDD, ADHD, or for those that have the vocabulary but do not know how to communicate effectively with their peers or adults.  Robin also has experience working with twins and triplets who have delayed speech and language.

Robin is very skilled at getting young children to talk. She uses a variety of strategies including the Kaufman and Hanen programs, oral-motor exercises, and the Greenspan approach.

She uses a multi-sensory approach and believes strongly in giving the family activities to do at home to help their child learn.  She believes that learning can be fun and focuses on motivating the child to communicate with creative ideas and positive reinforcement.

Robin was a consultant at the Jeffrey Dworkin Early Intervention Center (West Orange, N.J.) for five years where as a member of the intervention team she was responsible for diagnosing and providing speech therapy for infants with major medical concerns under the age of three.  In addition she assisted with a research project on delayed speech and language in preschoolers at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

Robin has worked with teachers, doctors, and child study team members including physical and occupational therapists to provide a comprehensive speech therapy program for each child. She has given educational training workshops for teachers and parents so that both teachers and parents have a better understanding of strategies that they can use in the classroom or home to encourage speech and language.

Robin lives in Raleigh. She enjoys cooking, reading, and walking her dog, Quincy.

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