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Michael Quintilone

Speech-Language Pathologist

Michael earned both his undergraduate, and graduate degrees at Buffalo State College in New York. He became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in 2018 to further help families improve their everyday lives. He is also a Level 4 Triple P provider.

Michael has worked as a school-based SLP as well as providing early intervention services in the home before moving to North Carolina. He has worked primarily with children with Autism and related developmental disabilities to improve functional communication in the home and school settings. Michael is familiar with teaching multiple modes of communication including picture exchange, signs, and communication device use. He is PECS trained and appreciates the simplicity that this intervention brings to families. His therapy interventions use applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques and he implements discrete trial training (DTT) with his patients to teach the small steps needed for success and generalization. He believes that all children should be able to express themselves fully and that the family is vitally important in this process and should be there along the way. Michael’s BCBA experience brings an enriched toolkit to the families’ he works with enabling them to see the positive behavior changes that come with acquiring functional communication. Michael enjoys working with emerging communicators and loves to celebrate the small steps along the way to communication independence. Michael provides in-person therapy at our Fuquay offices.

Michael is big fan of playing outdoors and that’s where you’ll find him with his family and dogs when he is not working.

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