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Our parent and patient testimonies 

CCST has improved the quality of life of many individuals and their families. If you have a testimonial you'd like to share, please contact us! 

"Wow, where do I begin. Tracy came to us when Michael was roughly a year old, and he turns 7 next week. So 6 years Tracy has worked with us, and has became family. She took a baby with no words to a 1st grader that doesn't stop talking. She was there when he wouldn't eat by mouth and taught us valuable, life long lessons, on how to encourage him to eat. She treated him like her son and loved him through attitude. She got to know us and showed us how to service our son at home. Tracy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for guiding a scared mama and showing her that everything would be ok. Thank you for loving Michael and for being so amazing!! We love you and will miss you!!"

/// Cherokee, mother

"My son is 2 years old and was diagnosed with verbal apraxia a few months ago. I signed him up for the speech summer camp not knowing if this is really going to help him but it couldn’t hurt. I am amazed at the difference in his speech. In 3 weeks he saying more words (not completely correct) “cuse me” “I want more” “sorry (arry)” “see ya” “thank you (dank you)” etc. which is amazing to hear! I now know what his cute little voice sounds like. He is now imitating me and others which is huge because before he was embarrassed to try new words. The icing on the cake was that he was excited to go to camp unlike daycare where he cries when I leave him. I am so grateful for the therapist at Capitol Speech Therapy because I never thought my son would show such an improvement in his speech!"

/// Kelli, mother

“Our daughter lives in the silent world of autism.  She had no way of expressing herself or letting us know what she wanted except to cry. She also was not able to chew. We started getting therapy for Sydney with Capitol City Speech for speech and eating and within months she was more vocal, whereas before she did not even babble.  Our therapist is wonderful and has tried several different techniques until she found the right one for our daughter to communicate with us.  She can now say a handful of words, can let us know if she wants her juice, wants to eat or wants her favorite toy and gives us hugs and kisses.  We are so grateful to Capitol City Speech and our therapist, who cares very deeply for Sydney and Sydney adores her as well.  We continue to see progress every week with her eating as well.  We were able to graduate her from baby foods to pureed adult food and she has also  started to self feed, which she was unable to do before.  She can take a french fry and bite it in half and has recently put it in the back of her molars and chewed!!  What a day that was for us when we saw our two year old daughter chewing for the first time.  Thank you Capitol City Speech, for working so hard and giving our beautiful daughter, Sydney, a chance to learn and grow."

/// Tammy, mother

Evan has struggled with stuttering on and off throughout childhood. Most recently his speech was inconsistent and he stuttered in almost every sentence. He also suffered from excessive eye blinking when trying to get his words out. Tracy was able to give Evan tools he can use when trying to communicate with others. The improvement was quick and his confidence began to grow.  Evan had to give a short presentation in one of his co-op classes. In the past this would have been a terrifying situation for Evan. However, he did great and felt comfortable in front of his peers. His speech difficulties may never completely go away but he understands that and has the tools he needs to feel comfortable speaking in public. 

/// Michelle, Evan's Mom

Capitol City Speech Therapy provided me with a great service. I’m an adult who has spoken with a lisp since childhood. The knowledgeable therapist educated me on techniques, strategies, and exercises to improve my speech production. I’ll definitely send my children here if they develop any impairments.

///Matt, patient

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